Firewood and Kindling Bristol
We supply to Bristol and surrounding areas

About Firewood and Kindling - We supply Bristol

We are a family run friendly company very proud to be supplying Bristol and the surrounding area with quality firewood, Kindling and Coal. We pride ourselves on supplying a reliable friendly and honest service. Philip and Judith Sanders started the business after themselves installing a wood burning stove but kept being supplied with sub standard damp wood, as Judith tells us: we had deliveries where the delivery driver would turn up and tip the wood in our lane Leaving me to carry it into the store and tidy up the mess afterwards. It was always very damp as well. Philip and I decided that there must be a better way to get our wood delivered. This led us to the idea of supplying neighbours and friends with the same quality wood we expected and delivering it a better way. Thus Firewood and Kindling was born.

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